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Good Cheap Wine Guide

The Quest for Great $10 Wines!

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Cheap Wine Guide FAQ

Things People (for some reason) Want to Know!

Why does this blog exist: (also known as, “Why in God’s name does this blog exist?”)

The main purposes for Good Cheap Wine Guide are:

  • Entertainment – by that I mean entertain me and maybe you. I”m not a gamer (I might have been if I didn’t get my butt kicked all the time) so I have to do something with the keyboard when I’m I’m tired of working and surfing right? Sincerely I hope you find the posts have some fun associated with their reading. If not, well then I tried. Please accept my humble scribbles as they are.
  • Education – by that I mean educate me and maybe you. (deja vu) I really like learning about new wines and like to record my thoughts (lame or not) about them. I genuinely hope that anyone interested enough to read my posts will benefit from my Wine Quests! I am genuinely sincere about finding great $10 wines yet I know my tongue is different than yours. (Could have worded that better.. huh.)
  • Gather Information – Got ideas on wines, wine recipes, or better blogging..groovy..tell me oh wise one so that I too may bask in the light of your knowledge.
  • Get better at blogging – sure if humanly possible. I am in awe of some blogs I read. The skill, the beauty, the…sorry, got to run. My glass is empty.
  • Make money – not really. I have Adsense on here because I can (and I think it’s cool that I figured how to finally get Google to validate). If someone thinks my ramblings are someday worth a banner then cool. Any money I make from this blog I promise to reinvest in future Wine Quests! What could be more noble? The real coup would be to discover how to make wine purchases a tax deduction? Hmmmm…any accountants out there that want to be cool here’s your chance!

How does this very unique and clever wine rating sytem of yours operate?

Very simply. Check this out Wine Ranking. The idea was to be as basic as I can get.

1) What do you do with an open bottle of wine? If it absolutely sucks you say, “Damn, that was a cheap wine!”

Thus the rating: RATING :This was a cheap wine Oh yes…the SKUNK. Now what do I do with the rest of the bottle that doesn’t involve a midnight trip to the landfill?

2) If you are not so injured by the taste to at least save the bottle and use it for your next wine-recipe adventure then:

  • Taste Symbol: OK wine to cook with Means: OK wine to cook with. Let’s tenderize or enhance the aroma. Maybe the taste will simmer off.

3) Then again, moving up the ladder, could be good enough for me to buy for my bruised tongue but…I’m just not sure I want to expose myself to potential social ridicule (such as laughter, grimacing, guests throwing up) by letting anyone else drink this stuff at my house! After all, it’s cheap and I can drink it, and it’s cheap (I like cheap!) so…

  • The Symbol: My tounge is numb Means: OK for my numb tongue. Yes, I really did once stick my tongue to a frozen lightpost, not recently though. You only do that once.

4) Then there’s the potential for it being just good enough to expose slowly to the world one taste test at a time. If it’s good enough that you would drink it with your equally taste-lacking friends and family then the ranking:

  • Taste Symbol:Good enough to serve brother Dave Means: Good enough to serve brother Dave. Use stemware if you want, it’s worthy. (yes, that really is my brother Dave…the only guy on earth cheaper than me and… we probably share the same genes for taste so….)

5) Finally, EUREKA! If it’s a REALLY good wine and/or a REALLY good deal then you share it with everyone you know right! And boast about it..right! Thus the rating:

  • Taste Symbol: Serve to Guests Means: Serve to Guests with confidence! decanter, silver tray, French maid (just kidding honey!) …Woo Hoo! And only TEN BUCKS! Await the accolades from those who try it!

SO …let’s drink some wine!

Wine quests!

What’s with the Wine-Oaf guy as a pen name?

I don’t know. I kind of like the ability to write from a point of view and besides, I really am a wine oaf. This is as close to a role playing game as I get. I really don’t care about fame. And besides, I screwed up and the first 20 posts all say “admin”, how quaint. And besides again, those that I know know me and know what I know I do to fill up server space…you know?

It’s not about me anyway…it’s about the children, wait…sorry… scratch that (primary season has me thinking in a rut),…. It’s about the wine!

What’s with all the different fonts and font sizes and colors and picture sizes and italics and not italics and … and parenthesis and not parenthesis and…you know …the ugly stuff on your blog?

Haven’t a clue.

Any other questions? Just ask..

So whadoyathink?


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