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Good Cheap Wine Guide

The Quest for Great $10 Wines!

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Cheap Wine Reviews Ranking System

Personal Ranking System for Good Cheap Wine Guide

I tried hard to relate to the numerous ways that sophisticated taste-buds rate wines. But you know, I didn’t find anything “blunt” enough to truly describe my reaction to a good and not-so-good cheap wines. So, I made up my own. Here’s how it works. I will taste, or my friends will taste or you can taste (hell, let’s all taste!) different wines around $10 a bottle.

Then, let’s simplify.

First we describe the taste, then we make recommendations for enjoyment. Then we see what other critics or the winery, etc… have to say. How’s that sound? Pretty simple, right? Not near as complicated as the Google Algorithm. So here we go:

  • Taste Symbol: RATING :This was a cheap wineMeans: OK, this was a cheap wine. Now what do I do with the rest of the bottle?
  • Taste Symbol: OK wine to cook with Means: OK wine to cook with. Maybe the taste will simmer off.

  • Taste Symbol: My tounge is numb Means: OK for my numb tongue. Yes, I really did once stick my tongue to a frozen lightpost, not recently though.
  • Taste Symbol:Good enough to serve brother Dave Means: Good enough to serve brother Dave. Use stemware, it’s worthy. (yes, that really is my brother Dave…the only guy on earth cheaper than me.)
  • Taste Symbol: Serve to Guests Means: Serve to Guests with confidence! decanter, silver tray…Woo Hoo! And only TEN BUCKS!

SO that’s how it starts. Let’s drink some wine!

Wine quests!


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  • 1 Erika Thomas // Mar 11, 2008 at 5:35 am

    OMG! I love the “Brother Dave” symbol…that is hilarious!! I think we all have someone we can relate to this.

  • 2 Brother Dave // Apr 12, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    I see the resemblance. How awesome is this?

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